Debt collection services in Poland

What is a collection agency?
A debt collection agency is a business that collects unpaid, past due debts for other businesses.
Trouble is our business
Poor payment records by customers can quickly become a problem even for busy companies. Insolvency statistics show that tardiness of customers is often the cause of a companies failure to pay.
Customized solutions and excellent client services are provided to our clients with the highest standards of ethical and professional conduct.We know that many requirements are unique to individual companies and we are very happy to discuss your personal requirements.

Professional Debt Collection Service

We provide businesses in Poland. We have a team of commercial debt recovery specialists offering - "no collection, no fee" debt recovery. In addition to the traditional methods, we also use modern receivables management tools such as reminders by e-mail or sms.Our philosophy is to work closely with our clients through all aspects of the collection process.We will exhaust every effort possible to yield the maximum recovery results. Debt collection Poland.


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Universal Inkasso are your complete start to finish solution in recovering outstanding debt, working with an approved panel of solicitors we handle the whole litigation process on your behalf. Adhering to the highest professional standards. Legal proceedings will begin with the issuing of a E-Claim, where the debtor has 14 days to respond or pay, before an Application for Entering a Judgment will be made.

Cost effective debt collection contract

Choose from either our Individual Debt Collection Service, charged on a commission basis or, if you have a number of debts you may prefer to choose our cost effective Volume Debt Collection Service which covers debts up to litigation.Every client is treated individually and gets a tailor-made offer. Negotiation of fee is possible. Long term client receive attractive packages and discounts..